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We have recently made improvements to the Businesslaw site.

You will still find a wealth of legal and compliance information available for free in the businesslaw guide and there are more than 100 interactive document builders that you can use to construct complex, bespoke legal documents, many of which are also free.

Please note: if your insurance documentation refers to a 'password' for Businesslaw, you can use this in the voucher code box when you register, to ensure you can access the free documents. You can then select a password of your preference.

The service has been substantially enhanced and now provides bespoke documents that fully reflect the specific needs of your business. Using the same Rapidocs® technology employed by many law firms, the system makes it easy to create complex legal documents to the same high standards at significantly lower prices.

Welcome to Businesslaw

Businesslaw is the legal information and document preparation website for businesses. You will find expert advice and valuable document building tools to help you run your company and resolve tricky legal issues.

Please note: As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with quality, affordable legal services, we've recently upgraded the website. Depending on how you access Businesslaw, you may have free or discounted access to some of these services if you have been supplied with a voucher code, or it may be already built into your website access. Please check your customer literature for a code.

Our resources range from straightforward letters that you can use to help recover unpaid debts, to complex document building tools essential for managing your workforce, all using the innovative Rapidocs technology. We can help you:

Click on the Businesslaw Guide menu beneath our logo to explore the full range of subjects in the guide and associated documents. Some documents are free and others can be tried before you buy them, by clicking the Try for free button.

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